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Feb 2, 2017
2018 Belgian Festival Dates
Mar 28, 2016
Cask Ale Festival May 12th
Feb 5, 2016
Ashley's Annual Belgian Beer Festival Feb. 11-21
Oct 30, 2015
Ashley's Ultimate Funk Fest Feb. 12th, 2016, Westland Michigan
Oct 30, 2015
North American Belgian Beer Festival tickets now on sale
Apr 27, 2015
Lobsterfest is coming June 18-20th



Does it cost anything to sign up?
Not a dime! It's absolutely free. In fact, we give you stuff to sign up. Like an awesome appetizer or kick ass dessert.

How do I earn rewards?
It could not be any simpler. Come in and enjoy great food and drinks at your favorite Ashley's and get rewarded for it. Awards are based on what you spend. So come in often (daily would be great) and spend more and you will get more. Sign up family and friends to earn points even faster!

How do I redeem rewards
Simple, just go to www.ashleys.com/foto.xhtml and click on the Redeem Rewards button. After you sign in just "buy" the reward you want with your points. Then visit either Ashley's and buy food or merchandise and use your FOTO card to pay. Please note the Beer Tasting must be scheduled with Ashely's staff.

Can I sign up for the program at an Ashley's location?
No, please use our online application at www.ashleys.com/foto.xhtml. This way we can make sure we have all of your correct information. Paper registration leads to chicken scratch and illegible applications, plus you must have internet access to redeem your rewards.

Does enrollment require me to enter any personal info?
It depends on what you mean by personal... We won't ask your favorite color, but we do need to have your valid e-mail account, postal address with zip code and your birth date (must be at least 21 years of age to enroll).

Who has access to my information?
The staff of Ashley's treat everything you provide as highly confidential. While we have to share specific information with some key business partners (like the service provider that runs the website), we promise we won't sell your information or give it to anyone who doesn't have an absolute business "need to know." Check out our Privacy Policy for complete details.

What kind of benefits do I get from being a member?
When you join Friends Of The Owner™, you receive a e-mail certificate for a free appetizer. After that, you are rewarded by how much you spend at Ashley's. For every $1.00 you spend, you will receive 10 reward points. We'll also continue to reward and recognize you with extra love in a variety of ways throughout the year.

How do I receive my Birthday Pizza?
Free Birthday Pizzas are awarded on the first day of every month. You must be a FOTO member and entered your birthday before the first day of your birth month to receive the award. You then have until the end of the month to redeem your reward. If unredeemed at the end of the month the reward is removed from your account.

How will I know about promotions and awards?
Visit www.ashleys.com to check out your reward status. We will also send periodic emails. Don't worry we'll only send you good news you can use - like current promotions or other awards by e-mail.

How do I receive credit for qualifying purchases?
When your server comes to your table, let them know how special you are. Give him or her your Friends Of The Owner card. This way we can recognize you as soon as you arrive and give you credit for qualifying purchases.
If you haven’t received your Membership Card yet or forgot it at home, you can provide the manager with the telephone number you provided at enrollment to receive credit.
Credit for qualifying purchases must be handled at the time of purchase in the restaurant. Your card must be present to receive points. Only the guest paying the bill will earn points.

Do I have to spend anything to receive my Friends Of Friends points?
Yes. Friends visit Friends so you must visit Ashley's at least once every three months to continue to accrue Friends Of Friends points.

What purchases qualify for awards?
Just about everything except alcohol only purchases (that could violate some major statutes on the books.) So...
· Credit will be given for dine-in, to-go and delivery orders.
· Credit will be given if you pay with a gift card, but you will not be given credit for buying a gift card.
· Credit will not be given for alcoholic beverage only purchases. To qualify, the check must also include food items.
· Credit will not be given for sales tax, state fees, delivery charges, or gratuities.

Is there a limit to how many Rewards Points I may earn?
Nope! Spend away and earn more and more.

Can I use my Reward Points on alcoholic beverages?
No. That can also violate some state statues.

What if I lose my membership card?
Please contact us to receive a new card.

Is there a question we haven't answered?
Please email us at foto@ashleys.com.

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